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I’m Siobhán: Guide, Enthusiast, Crusader, Explorer, Coach, Human.

I help people find freedom from frenzied overthinking, intense worry and crippling overwhelm so that they can experience life with more peace, ease, clarity, creativity, joy and nice shit like that. 

I spent over two decades living in a furious swirl of jagged anxiety, never feeling like I ‘fit in’ and noticing with growing existential angst that I found life so hard while others breezed by with glee collecting milestones and achievements. 

I was drawn to drugs, alcohol, and an eating disorder in an innocent but misguided attempt to blunt my experience. That didn’t work.. but it would take me a long time to figure that out. 

oh, hello!

I’ve studied human behaviour, neuroscience, psychology and spirituality as part of my role at a health-tech start-up, as a meditation teacher, and later as a coach and mental health practitioner. I’m endlessly curious about how deliciously weird we humans are. 

(And I also wanted to fix myself and be a much more acceptable and worthy person, obvs)

But after I trained as a coach and practitioner, collecting a bunch of certifications and being a nerd at a zillion trainings, I was STILL an anxious, overthinking mess. I felt confused and desperate. My clients were getting good results and feeling better but I was still a puddle of insecurity and unhappiness, albeit with a cute ponytail. What the hell?

Then I was led to the understanding of how humans work that me and my colleagues across the world now share. Rather than try and ‘fix’ our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, we dive under all that to see the nature of how we operate.

And when we see how something operates, we can have a much easier and enjoyable time using it…like our humanness. 

We are innately well, peaceful, resilient, full of clarity and infinitely creative by nature. Then we just do a bunch of thinking over the top of it, misunderstand the meaning of all that thinking, take it seriously and act out on it, then decide we’re fucked up. 


We can’t help what we think. But we can see our thoughts and feelings in a brand new way, which changes our relationship to them. 

When we can see beyond the influence and conditioning we’ve been exposed to since we were babies, the made-up stories, the ‘limiting beliefs’ (gah, I hate that over-used phrase but I will plonk it here anyway) and all that stupid shit that we (innocently) focus on, something very cool happens. 

We start to have fresh thoughts, new perspectives, realisations, epiphanies and “oh, holy FUCK!” moments of insight that transform the way we see the world. 

If you want to stop feeling so anxious, overwhelmed, worried, fearful, stressed and all the synonyms…get in touch. I can’t wait for you to find peace and enjoy your time on the planet.

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