Episode 35: “Security Is Built-In” with Christine Heath and Judy Sedgeman

Episode 35: “Security Is Built-In” with Christine Heath and Judy Sedgeman

I loved having Christine Heath and Judy Sedgeman as my special guests on the pod! Chris and Judy have been working with groups, individuals, couples and classes for – literally – decades to help them find freedom beyond their personal thinking and see life in a completely new way. 

They also co-host the incredible podcast Psychology Has It Backwards, which completely reimagines mental health awareness and ‘recovery’. 

Chris and Judy have had an enormous influence on my work (and life!) and it was a sweaty-faced fan-girl moment to have them as my special guests on the show. 

Please join us to explore:  

  • How and why does psychology have it backwards and what are the implications for seeing this?
  • Finding freedom from anxiety and insecurity by looking toward how it’s created
  • The power of a quiet mind and how slowing down IS possible even when our lives are outrageously busy and full and bursting at the seams
  • Chris and Judy also give a beautiful answer to a question from a listener about ‘spirituality’ and what’s the big deal, and are they missing out if spirituality feels icky? (Or something like that)
  • What would Chris and Judy bring to a picnic?
  • What’s their favourite memory of each other?
  • …and lots of other mind-melty wisdom

Find Chris and Judy, their amazing podcast, their cool classes and courses and heaps of other resources here.


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