• well you’re a very special human, aren’t you?

You’re already on to how your human brain works…so what cool shit awaits you?

It seems that you have a pretty good sense of how thoughts and feelings work. You may have seen or learned that what we think isn’t all that important. Thoughts are fleeting, arbitrary, impersonal and largely meaningless. What’s more, we have our feelings to alert us when we’re innocently believing in thoughts which aren’t true.

This is so awesome.

But we all have our human moments and it’s likely that we forget how it all works from time to time. We still get low moods, get caught up in frenzied overthinking and mistakenly believe the outside world is causing our feelings (“But my boss really is an asshole, though, it’s not just my thinking” or “but it’s impossible to feel ok when I have no money”).

We always have access to the infinite creative intelligence of the universe, whether we’re feeling it in this particular moment, or not.

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