WTF Is This Infinite Creative Intelligent Energy Behind Life, Then?

WTF Is This Infinite Creative Intelligent Energy Behind Life, Then?

Do you believe there’s something behind life? Running it? Doing it? Powering it? A wisdom, of sorts? Something cool?

It seems that there’s a growing number of humans that, on some level, agree there is. 

Are you one of them? Or not?

From eminent physicist David Bohm (“…this suggests an invisible but pervasive energy, to which the manifest world of the finite responds. This energy, or spirit, infuses all living beings”)…

…to theologian Alan Watts (“You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself”)…

…to another physicist you may have heard of, called Albert Einstein (“Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality”)…

…and my old college tutor from 17 years ago (“there’s wisdom inside you telling you to stop smoking behind the car park and come to class, Siobhán”)…

It doesn’t matter what we call it

We use different words  – waves, energy, life force, chi, god (intentionally not capitalised) wisdom, vibes, universal energy, divine mind, the oneness, spirit, etc –  and we’ve had different ideas of ‘this’ across cultures and points in history, and we talk about it in different branches of thinking like physics, spirituality, philosophy and theology. 

But it’s all pointing to the same ‘thing’ – the invisible whatever-it-is that turns flowers toward the sunlight, spins planets, grows actual humans from a smattering of a few squillion cells, creates enormous oak trees from a thumbnail sized-acorn, pings awesome ideas into our heads, spins planets and many, many more mind-boggling examples. 

Are you down with this?

I didn’t used to be. I kind of liked the idea that there was ‘something’, but I wanted hard facts. Proof. Data. 

Reading about ‘oneness’ or ‘divine mind’ or a ‘higher power’ kinda freaked me out. I also blame the marketing around these kinds of concepts – all those wispy serif fonts, chakra chat and so much darn purple just turned me off. 

I resonated most with the physics aspect. It felt the ‘safest’ because there was….y’know….experiments and stuff. SCIENCE. 

But science is just a bunch of ideas, as recognised by the prolific quoter of many, many quotes, Mark Twain: 

“There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact”

I later came to see that the ‘need’ to understand the universe and the way life works, and consciousness and all that cool shit, was keeping me stuck. 

As cool cat astrophysicist Neill DeGrasse Tyson said: “The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you” 

I love that. Hell yeah, NDT 

(I’ll try and quit with all the quoting now)

When I ‘let go’ of needing to know WTF was going on, life just flowed a lot more smoothly. 

Anyway. What’s my point here?

It’s ok if you feel a bit squirmy and unsure about the whole formless-intelligence-behind-life kinda thing 

We don’t have to believe, understand or accept something to get the benefits of it. 

Those who believe the earth is flat still get the benefit of a spherical earth when they take an international flight, or even as night turns to day and then back again. 

Little babies who don’t yet have an understanding of gravity still benefit from it, staying safely in their cribs instead of floating around like cherub memes. 

And you can get the benefit of being lived by the indescribably infinite potential of the energy of life without having proof that there is such a thing. 

It’s already ‘working’ for you. There’s a zillion things you do all day long that you don’t even think about. Because we don’t think about them, we don’t notice them happening. 

Your non-refundable, non-cancellable, totally awesome lifetime subscription to this agendaless, impersonal and ultimately benevolent energy includes access to: 
  • A quiet, obvious ‘inner knowing’
  • Occasional blazes of insight (beautifully described by Michael Neill, a leader in sharing this understanding about how humans work that I talk about around here, as a HFMOG – “Holy Fucking Mother of God!” – moment) 
  • A continuous, responsive, realtime, dynamic rerouting. You can fuck up as much as you like (and we all have and we all will), but this wisdom will be there for you. 
  • Pings of strangeness that don’t make sense to a logic-seeking, rationalising brain. But you just ‘know’
  • The space before our personal thinking, our chattering mind
  • Answers, suggestions, nudges and inklings –  not the incessant questions of our human brain. 
  • A feeling. That feeling. Y’know. THAT one. 
Here’s an example  

A simple example is me writing this post. The words were just not coming. I would write a bit but then delete it. I was overthinking it. No wonder I was a bit tangled in my head, I was trying to explain the ineffable; that which is fundamentally unexplainable. 

It went a bit like this: 

Write some words

Decide they are crap and delete them 

Growl under my breath

Repeat this about 37 times.

Start to berate myself: “You are writing about how we are all lived by an intelligent energy – well WHERE is this intelligent energy now, huh? This is bullshit!”

I even said words to the effect “Ok, Universe, if you are so amazing which I am tring to tell people you are, then help me finish this fucking post won’t you?”

“Not that with that shitty attitude I won’t” boomed the Universe (only kidding!)

But I KNEW – a deep, but quiet, solid knowing  – that I had a busy mind and when I settled down again, which happens naturally without our interference, I’d get what I needed. 

However my personal thinking – what some people call the ego, a term I don’t resonate with but I put it here incase you do – swooped in ‘saying’ that the energy behind life, the wisdom which is always available to us ‘should’ therefore be able to deliver the post TODAY because I wanted to finish it TODAY. 

Hanging out and doing whatever until my mind settled was not acceptable to my human brain, which is always making up how things should go and what should be happening, especially around timeframes and results. That’s just what a brain does,

Anyway. It’s the next day and I’m able to write this easily (whether you like it or not is a different matter, and that’s none of my business).

The point of that personal tale is to show in a simple way that this cool wisdom is always there, but we often miss it because: 

  1. It doesn’t ‘look’ how we think it should (a subtle knowing that says “leave this – you’re caught up in a busy mind right now” versus “Oh, here you go human – here’s the words you need to write to finish that thing you think needs to be done right this minute even though it doesn’t)
  2. Our personal thinking, our chattering human mind can  – and often will – swoop in and ‘tell us’ how things should be going and what should be happening instead of what wants to happen

This energy-of-life stuff is happening for you anyway, whether it makes you feel ick and weird (that’ll be your human brain trying to ‘figure it out’) or you jump right in and let it guide you. 

Life is just…easier when we can relax into this, when we can come to rely on it. It takes a load off. There’s so much less for you to do. You can kick back and let life do it’s thing. 

This has enormous implications for all you worriers and overthinkers. It’s got your back. 

If you’re still unsure, I totally hear you. But you don’t need to be sure. Infact, you can just forget everything you just read because it doesn’t really matter. You’ll be taken care of anyway. 

P.S. if you still want to chat or even argue a little about this, I’m the gal for that. You can reach me here.