Episode 28: “Goals Are Just a Mirage” with Matt Roberts

Episode 28: “Goals Are Just a Mirage” with Matt Roberts

It was brilliant to have Matt Roberts on the show. Matt is a psychological performance coach and former international high jumper who now works with athletes and business leaders to guide them to their own source of flow and peak performance. He’s also an exceedingly nice human and I loved hanging out with him. 

Please join Matt and me to explore:  

  • What is psychological freedom…and how can we experience this?

  • The relationship between state of mind and our performance

  • The compelling allure of goals, and how seeing this in a fresh way can set us free

  • What our feelings can show us about life 

  • …and lots of mind-melty wisdom


  • When was the last time Matt was pissed off?

  • What do Ricky Gervais and cherry vodka have to do with anything?

  • Some merch-worthy soundbites such as “What we can create in the world is infinite…and meaningless” ?

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(This episode has little spots of rubbish audio quality because  – guess what? – I’m not that good! But bear with us. It’s completely tolerable) 


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