Episode 38: “Being Open to Every Possibility” with Kristy Halvorsen

Episode 38: “Being Open to Every Possibility” with Kristy Halvorsen

I am brimming with joy to share a conversation between me and Kristy Halvorsen in this episode.

Kristy is an author, a guide, a mentor and a nomadic world traveller, who helps people completely reimagine what it means to be human. Kristy has a gift for sharing how we can move through life from a place other than logic, reason and the conventions of society. 

Please join us to explore:  

  • What it means to unpredict your journey and be open to limitless possibilities
  • What is a soul tickle and how can we recognise them?
  • How expectations in life may weigh us down and how to see past that
  • The astonishing power of simplicity 
  • How to play the hotter-colder game of life 
  • …and lots of laughs, stories and delicious wisdom

Kristy has had a significant impact on my life and I just adore her. Find Kristy’s beautiful writing, drool-worthy travel pics, and her programmes here: 

Kirsty’s Instagram 

Kristy’s website 

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