Episode 43: “Who We Really Are Is Unbreakable” with Wyn Morgan

Episode 43: “Who We Really Are Is Unbreakable” with Wyn Morgan

I can’t wait to share an intriguing, wisdom-filled and utterly delightful conversation with Wyn Morgan in this episode.

Wyn is an executive coach who has worked with business leaders around the world for about a gazillion years, as well as providing mentoring and one-on-one services to coaches and other humans.  

Wyn is one of my favourite people in the inside-out conversation and he shares with such humanity, authenticity, insight and wit that I can’t help but be captivated by him. 

Please join us to explore:  

  • Wyn’s introduction to the inside-out nature of life
  • How seeing this transformed him and his work  
  • Overwhelm, stress and resilience
  • Where our feelings come from
  • What thought is
  • What our moods are telling us 
  • An answer to a listener question about getting distracted 
  • …and lots of laughs, stories, wisdom and juicy shit

You can find Wyn on his websiteFacebookLinkedIn and Instagram.  Wyn is a beautiful writer and I highly recommend his insightful newsletter

People or things mentioned in the show: 

Michael Neill 

The Missing Link: Book By Sydney Banks

‘Under the Noise’ the podcast hosted by Wyn and Kate Roberts


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