Episode 45: “We are Never Stuck… Life is Always Flowing” with Stephen Ladd

Episode 45: “We are Never Stuck… Life is Always Flowing” with Stephen Ladd

Stephen Ladd joins me on the podcast today for a hopeful, light-yet-deep and wisdom-packed conversation.

Stephen, also known as The Renegade Life Coach, is a ridiculously experienced transformative coach who has worked with many kinds of people for almost three decades.

He has a varied and fascinating background in many teachings, practices and philosophies and he now focuses on helping people discover who they really are, how they experience life and the authentic freedom and ease that is available in each moment. 

Stephen is also a speaker, author of the great book ‘Spiritual Constipation’ and host of the podcast ‘There Is No Spoon’ 

He also happens to be a delightful and witty human who talks with such authenticity and lightness around some pretty deep topics. I love him!


Please join us to explore:  

  • Stephen’s interesting background and how he came to do the work he does now
  • Where our feelings of being stuck, or stressed come from (and how to see beyond this)
  • The transformative power of our own insight, and what we can do to have more of our own insights
  • How simply understanding how our experience is created can provide instant and lasting freedom.
  • How goals may look different once we see life in a new way
  • How we are never stuck (but it can feel like we are)
  • The need to take action and why we may not need to after all
  • The best 3-step method to feeling better I have ever heard 
  • …and so much other amazing goodness 

You can find Stephen on his website, Instagram or onTikTok: @coachstephenladd and his book ‘Spiritual Constipation’, is available on Amazon, B&N, and other book-buying places.

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Thanks for hanging out with us today!