Episode 52: Anxiety Freedom: Big Fat Myths Debunked (Part 1)

Episode 52: Anxiety Freedom: Big Fat Myths Debunked (Part 1)

Us humans seem to think that a journey to less anxiety and more peace will look a certain way. But that’s utter rubbish. 

We think there’s a path to follow, and that path will have a certain timeline, certain steps and will feel a certain way. 


Come with me as we explore the common myths we encounter when we look in the direction of anxiety freedom. We’ll see why these myths even exist (clue: it’s our human brains!) and poke at them a bit to shake out the truth. 

We’ll do a second part in a few episodes’ time, giving you the chance to submit your own. Pop me an email at hello@siobhanfriel.com if you suspect you’ve been innocently believing a myth around anxiety freedom and inner peace. 

Mentioned in the show: 

The fabulous Wyn Morgan

The amazing Amanda Jones 

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