Episode 53: “We Can Be Free To Live Life” With Dr Bill Pettit

Episode 53: “We Can Be Free To Live Life” With Dr Bill Pettit

What an utter privilege and joy to have Dr William F. Pettit, Jr, MD (“Can I call you Bill?”) as my special guest on the Inner Peace & Other Cool Shit podcast.

Dr Bill Pettit is a much-loved practitioner, mentor, teacher and guide in the space of the Three Principles, and a retired Adjunct Clinical Professor of Psychiatry. He has worked with many people from many countries over many decades (4!) helping them to realise their innate wellbeing and to live with ease and joy. 

Please join us to explore:  

  • Bill’s experience of depression before coming across the teachings which would transform his life, and the lives of his psychiatry patients
  • how there is only once cause and once cure of mental unrest,
  • how gaining a deeper understanding of the system of life and our  human experience can lead to transformation,
  • the incredible effects of recognising the gifts of our power of thought and divine nature
  • and so many other things.
  • He also answers a listener question about feeling stuck in their career.
  • We also had a really great laugh, which is often the case with Dr Bill PEttit. 

Bill’s website is here and a search of his name in your favourite search engine will bring up many interviews and videos.

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Thanks for hanging out with us today!