Episode 60: “The Peace & Calm You Want Is Right There….Really” with Lisa Esile

Episode 60: “The Peace & Calm You Want Is Right There….Really” with Lisa Esile

I loved having Lisa Esile as my special guest on the Inner Peace & Other Cool Shit podcast.

As well as being a writer and author, Lisa specialises in helping people navigate challenges, understand what their mind is really up to, and tap into their inner strengths and insights. Lisa is also the founder of the Do Nothing meditation school

She is also bloody delightful and I loved hanging out with her. This conversation lingered with me long after we said goodbye.

Please join us to explore:  

  • A heartfelt discussion on the incessant chatter of the mind and its desire to control, narrate and manage every darn thing 
  • Lisa’s “Year of Silence” experiment and the challenge of quieting the mind
  • How our pursuit of peace is impacted by the societal emphasis on constant productivity
  • How our inner calm is a lot closer than we think and how we need to do a lot less to uncover it
  • How intuition is an overlooked yet powerful force in a productivity-driven society that reveres intellectual analysis
  • How and why to tune in to your own inner voice 

Lisa also offers beautiful responses to questions about managing energy levels when one has a family, chronic illness and business, and how the themes that this episode (and show) are based on can even help with the global challenges we all face now.

Mentioned in the show

For more Lisa, head to her website, read her book Whose Mind Is It Anyway? Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life or pop over to the Do-Nothing Meditation School (which you can try for free)

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Thanks for hanging out with us today. You rock