You’re Going to Feel Like Ass Sometimes, I Promise

You’re Going to Feel Like Ass Sometimes, I Promise

Feeling like ass sometimes is good news. Having feelings means we are alive. Yay for being alive! ⠀⁠

But we prefer the nice feelings. We would prefer NOT to feel like ass. 

So we do stuff to change our feelings. 

We want to start something, learn something, do something, make something because we think we will feel pretty good when we have/do/learn/make it. ⠀⁠

I will feel accomplished⠀⁠

I will feel proud⠀⁠

I will feel successful⠀

I will feel smart⠀⁠

All flavours of ‘I will feel better than I feel now’, basically.⠀⁠

What if you don’t? Would you still want to do the thing?⠀⁠

As part of our Being Human Package, we will vacillate between all types of feelings, all the time. Peaceful, angry, excited, restless, sad, bored, contented, happy, overwhelmed, frightened, calm and all the others. ⠀⁠

Sometimes all in the same day. ⠀⁠

Let’s pretend that what you do or what happens has nothing to do with how you feel.⠀⁠

Let’s pretend that you can feel blue when lunching with friends and feel calm when you’ve just been dumped. ⁠

Let’s pretend that you can feel emptiness when you’ve reached a goal and feel happiness surrounded by laundry, angry family members and a wailing cat. ⁠

Let’s pretend that you can feel uncertain in the morning and full of clarity by lunchtime. ⁠

Let’s pretend that you can feel motivated in the shower and anxious by the time you dry your hair. ⠀⁠⠀⠀⁠

That’s life, my friends, and isn’t it glorious? ⠀⁠

We are so used to ‘matching’ the outside to our insides. Work = stress, friends = love, car repairs = frustration. But they are completely unrelated and you will feel the full spectrum of human emotion no matter what you do. ⠀⁠

So, if you don’t need to do that thing to feel good…because you are going to feel good and bad no matter what you do….do you still want to do it? ⠀⁠