Guest Post: That Anxious Feeling

Guest Post: That Anxious Feeling

I’m excited to have That Anxious Feeling guest posting for us today! We have all spent A LOT of time with them over the years, but who are they really? Let’s hear what they have to tell us.

Hello, I’m That Anxious Feeling

I’m glad to be able to guest post so that I can clear up a few misunderstandings about me. 

You humans refer to me as That Anxious Feeling and even though that’s how I introduced myself about 4 seconds ago, I’m actually all the feelings

Or, to put it another way, I’m none of the feelings! My name –  ‘That Anxious Feeling’ or other names I go by like ‘That Stressed Feeling’ or ‘That Shit Feeling’ or ‘That Completely Horrid Feeling of Eternal Sadness” – are just labels made up by you lot. 

I am just energy. You, dear human, are also ‘just energy’ but let’s not get into all that right now. After all, this is my first ever time guest posting on a blog so let’s keep it simple. ⠀⁠
I wanted to let you know that there’s been a huge misunderstanding about me. Humankind seems to have innocently exaggerated my importance over the years. I’m a simple thing really. ⠀⁠
You lot seem to think that I’m telling you about your environment, situation, worth, skills, relationship and financial failure or your lack opportunities in life.⠀⁠
You think I’m letting you know when something needs to change. ⠀⁠
You think I’m telling you if something bad is happening or about to happen. ⠀⁠⠀

That sounds like a lot of hard work for me

I’d constantly have to monitor everything on the outside world and give you feedback. 

No thanks! I want a quiet life. ⠀⁠
Do you want to know what my role is? It’s very simple. ⠀⁠
I’m just letting you know how clearly you’re seeing things right now. I nudge you with a tight, hot, tingly or urgent sensation to get your attention when you’re believing things about yourself or your life that aren’t true. ⠀⁠⠀⁠

I like to think of myself as a fact-checker for your thoughts

I let you know, via my presence, whether your thoughts can be trusted right now. ⠀⁠
For example, when a thought plops into your head like “I can’t do this” or “this will go wrong” or “I can’t handle it”, I pulse in your body so quickly to alert you that those thoughts are wrong. ⠀⁠
Unfortunately, I’m so darn quick at my job that, over the years, people have linked me, That Anxious Feeling, with the subject of the thought, rather than the validity of the thought.⠀⁠
So if you were thinking of your job and had a thought like: “I’m going to get fired”, I  – That Anxious Feeling – would swoop in there so quickly to tell you that you just had an anxious thought and that’s it….but you would accidentally think that the anxiety was connected to your job. ⠀

But that is not so. I’m there to tell you that the thought can’t be trusted. I’m there to tell you that thought isn’t needed – it’s not helpful or necessary. 

By the way: I’m not saying that you won’t get fired. Maybe you will. Maybe you absolutely suck at your job and they can’t wait to get rid of you! But the thought “I’m going to get fired” is the ‘parent’ thought of lots of baby thoughts like “and I won’t find another job, and I will be evicted and I will starve and I will die alone and freezing with one shoe on”. All of that is silly, inflammatory, erratic, capricious and just stupid.

If you DO get fired, a bunch of other, way more awesome thoughts will actually show up instead. Maybe I will come back another time to talk about that if Siobhán lets me.

My only job is to let you know whether your current thinking can be trusted. That is it. ⠀

Can you believe all the hype around me? It’s a bit embarrassing really. This humble fact-checker didn’t want this level of notoriety. ⠀

People leave jobs, relationships and towns because of a misunderstanding around what I am trying to tell them. 

People turn to alcohol, drugs, food and many other things to avoid me. Others turn to shopping, meditation, endless workout regimes and juice diets to suppress me or ‘accept’ me.

I don’t want that. I’m designed to help. I’m a kind, awesome, built-in, super sexy and fully automated mechanism to gently alert you all to rogue, unhelpful thinking so that you don’t need to wrestle with it or take needless action in your life. ⠀

There’s no need to fear me⠀

I’ll be visiting you very soon, either as That Anxious Feeling or one of my other aliases. Please remember my role. I’ll be just letting you know that you don’t need to believe your thinking at the time. Remember that. 

I hope we can be friends. ⠀


That Anxious Feeling ⠀


Thanks for coming on the blog That Anxious Feeling, or whatever your name is. If you have a question for our guest blogger, or have anything else on your mind, contact me here.