How to Stop Feeling Like Shit So Much

How to Stop Feeling Like Shit So Much

The feeling of shit is available in many flavours. Maybe yours is stress, or anxiety, or overwhelm, or sadness, or mind-bending insecurity. Maybe it’s different to those, or none of those, or all of those plus more piled on top of one another like a fucked-up knickerbocker glory of bad feelings.

It doesn’t matter which ‘type’ of horrid feeling you are experiencing because they all mean the same thing.

That feeling is telling you that you aren’t thinking clearly. 

That feeling is your built-in reminder that your thoughts can’t be trusted right now.

That feeling feels so SHIT as a wake-up call. Desist. Back away from what’s running through your mind. It’s not for you. No need to engage. 

“Hey human”, that shit feeling is telling you, if it could talk. “I’m showing up here to let you know that you needn’t believe anything running through your head right now. It’s all fake news. Yep, it sure sounds like the truth, doesn’t it? That things are shit? But no. My job is to alert you to the untrustworthiness of your thoughts.”

Understanding that our feelings are only and ever telling us about the trustworthiness of our thoughts in the moment is a GAME CHANGER. 

Oops – we got it wrong

This is the opposite of how we all relate to our feelings. Unfortunately, us humans went off in the wrong direction when trying to figure out psychology and how we work and all the things. 

An innocent misunderstanding. We were wrong about the earth being at the centre of the solar system, wrong about bad smells causing illness, wrong about weather systems being revenge from gods, and wrong about many, many other things. 

We were wrong when we decided that our feelings were coming from the outside world.

It’s time for us to see how our experience really works and what thoughts and feelings mean. 

Luckily, it’s way more simple and a gazillion times more awesome than any of the thousands of theories that have been conjured up by well-intentioned academics and psychologists. 

Feelings are simple little things

Bad feelings are not a warning. They are not forecasting doom or giving us important messages about the state of our lives or a call to action to change jobs, partners, diet. Feelings are not informing us of our lack of worth, our progress in life, or our need to set and meet goals. Feelings are not reminding us to set boundaries, raise our vibration or heal past traumas. 

Feelings are only telling us about the trustworthiness of our thoughts. Said another way – feelings are only advising us how seriously to take our thinking. 

If you are feeling anxious, insecure, stressed, unhappy, overwhelmed, doubtful, and all the others….they all ‘mean’ the same. 

Those feelings are letting you know that your thinking is untrustworthy right now. Those feelings are reminding you that those thoughts shouldn’t be taken seriously. 

Why this matters

Can you see the difference this could make in your life if you saw feelings for what they are – an inbuilt, 100% reliable, real-time gauge for the quality of your thoughts?

You would no longer have to be afraid of a feeling, because it doesn’t mean something is wrong in life. That takes a load off, right? Nothing you need to do. 

Feeling like shit is no longer ….well, shit….when you knew it was your beautiful reminder to not take your thinking so seriously. 

Isn’t this amazing? 

p.s. If you are you like “WTF, lady? I don’t get it. It can’t be that simple” then gimme a shout and let’s see if I can help you see another way.