You’re Just Having a Bad Mood, Not a Bad Life

You’re Just Having a Bad Mood, Not a Bad Life

We’ve all had days where suddenly everything is Just Simply Shit.

Our partner has gone from charming to annoying overnight. The job we somewhat enjoyed has morphed into an unsatisfying cesspit of wasted potential and bureaucratic horror. Our dog now stinks and whines. There’s nothing to look forward to. And it’s raining. 

This is a bad mood. 

Being human is one badass rollercoaster. Up and down, round and round, loop the loop. One moment we feel great, the next we feel terrible. Anxious in the morning, happy at lunchtime, angry in the afternoon, tranquil in the evening. 

(Actual results will vary)

Moods, our state of mind, whatever you want to call it, are constantly changing. That’s completely normal and comes as standard with our Being Human package. 

No big deal. 

The ‘problem’ only comes from taking our thinking too seriously when we are in a bad mood. Instead of recognising we are in a low state of mind, we think our lives are terrible. 

The bad feeling of a low mood is a reminder that you aren’t seeing clearly. 

If you think your bad feeling is coming from a thing in life, rather than thought in the moment that needn’t be paid attention to, you’ll look for the ‘thing’ in life. To fix it. Right?

But if you are already feeling bad then everything will look bad. 

Do you see? So if you look for the ‘problem’ in your life that’s ‘causing’ the mood, YOU WILL FIND PROBLEMS EVERYWHERE. 

Because it’s the mood from which you are looking out from, not what you are looking at. 

It’s like wearing dark glasses. The world will look grim and bleak, even on the brightest of days. It’s the glasses, not the world. 

It’s completely normal for humans to wear dark glasses from time to time. If you think you are wearing dark glasses a gzillion percent more of the time than your friend or colleague or constantly-cheerful neighbour, that doesn’t matter. 

Those dark glasses will fall off our face on their own. 

The worse your life looks, the worse your mood is. That’s all. And a bad mood is not a problem when we know there isn’t a problem

Once we get a feel for this and see it (if you’re like me you’ll have to have quite a few bad moods to see how this really works but it’s totally worth it!), a low mood, a bad feeling, just doesn’t MATTER as much because we know it doesn’t mean there’s a problem to be fixed. 

P.S. If you’re like “Huh? I’m not following you. What do you mean? What’s the problem then? Huh? Huh? Huh?” then get in touch, friend..