Relax – Your Thoughts Aren’t ‘Manifesting’ Awful Shit

Relax – Your Thoughts Aren’t ‘Manifesting’ Awful Shit

A funny (?) thing about overthinking is that it’s very rare that any of us overthink good stuff. We don’t spend our days lost in thought, imagining what we’ll do when we get promoted and get an inheritance in the same week. 

We don’t imagine how we will cope when we fall hopelessly in love, secure the job of our dreams and get the perfect haircut. 

We don’t wonder how we can get through the day when we are filled with ideas, creativity and peace. 

No. As a former chronic overthinker myself, I know that overthinking is mostly worry-flavoured. 

We worry about everything. We conjure up all the possible things that may happen and then try and solve them in our heads. This is exhausting and oh so frustrating. 

We innocently try all the things to calm our overthinking mind. I know I did. Tapping, reiki, meditation, CBT, journaling, changing our beliefs, writing my worries on scraps of paper and burning them (sorry, previous landlord!), yada yada. 

During my 16 year quest to ‘fix myself’, I remember coming across the notion of energy, vibration, attraction and manifestation.


You’ve probably rolled around in these ideas yourself, or at least seen the 56 zillion posts on social media about our “thoughts become things” and “what you think you attract”.⁠⠀⁠

I’m sure this notion is supposed to be empowering and helpful. We are reminded to think of things we want, not those we don’t. To think positively, lest we attract negativity into our life. ⠀⁠

What ⁠utter bullshit

This is complete crap one of the worst things for an overthinker to come across. Now we worry even more about our worrying! 

‘Thoughts becoming things’ suggests that we can control our thoughts. I – and many people I work with – spent a good deal of time, money and energy trying to control thought. ⠀⁠

Sure, you can think of the answer if I ask you what 7 x 836 is (or you can ‘think’ to get a calculator). You can think of a restaurant you want to go to tonight. You can think about whether it’s worth upgrading your phone even though there’s a new one out every 18 minutes. ⠀⁠

But you can’t control your thoughts. Thought is fleeting energy. Thoughts occur to us, we don’t ‘think them up’. They come, they go. They come again, they go again. They don’t mean anything. ⠀⁠

Therefore, peddling the notion that our thoughts will somehow come into form is pretty alarming. ⠀⁠⠀⁠

A consistent thought that used to occur to me (and still does from time to time – without bothering me, yayyyyy) is that I was going to be in a car accident. For a long time, I was terrified that I was thinking it into becoming true. The more I tried to ‘stop thinking it’ the more I thought about it! 

Because the act of trying to stop thinking something, means you are  – by definition – thinking about it.

It’s normal to think about shit things

We all have thoughts around losing jobs, relationships, opportunities and health. Totally normal. But if we believe that we somehow make things come true with our thinking, that can make us think even more. ⠀⁠

We don’t have to pay attention to our thinking at all. ⠀⁠

P.S. If you’re like “Yeah right! But what about when ….?” Yes, yes. I had a ton of questions too when I was first introduced to the idea that thought is actually meaningless. Like, WTF? If this is you, get in touch and we’ll chat.