• Your Brain Doesn’t Mean To Be a Bothersome Little Troll

wouldn’t it be cool if it didn’t matter WHAT thoughts showed up…even those really, really shit ones?

I have some hot news for you.

Your thoughts aren’t about you. You don’t control them or create them and you don’t certainly don’t need to do what they ‘say’.

Infact, we all have a perfectly functioning, real-time notification system to let us know when we needn’t pay attention to our thoughts. It’s our feelings.

When we feel like shit, that’s our cue to dismiss our thinking. Feelings of anxiety, sadness, insecurity, anger, despair and all the others are only and ever alerting us to some bullshit thinking.

However if you are like most humans, you probably pay MORE attention to the content of your thinking when you feel bad. I know I did for a long time. It looks like we really, really need to solve a ‘problem’ that we think our bad feeling is telling us that we have.

What if we’ve just innocently misunderstood the nature of thoughts and feelings? What if thoughts are completely impersonal, ephemeral, arbitrary and largely meaningless? And what if our feelings are only there to alert us when we are believing in the made up nonsense of our thinking?

I say ‘what if’ because I’d love you to consider it and see for yourself. But – spoiler – it’s true. This is how it works. YAY!!!

⁣⁠If you are like “WTF is this nonsense? How can my thoughts be meaningless? I need my thoughts to decide what to wear in the morning, to do my job, to make decisions and actually do stuff” then I totally hear you, but consider how amazing it would be if this is true? (Again, it is).

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