Episode 1: How Our Human Experience Works

Episode 1: How Our Human Experience Works

In the first ever episode of the Inner Peace & Other Cool Shit podcast, we’re jumping straight into an exploration of how us humans experience life.

Have you ever wondered how you experience life? Like, what even is our experience and where does it come from? Are we just at the mercy of whatever crap is thrown at us? Huh? Good news – no we are not.

Come and explore: 

  • Why understanding how something works (including ourselves) changes everything 
  • How we think our experience is created  
  • Where our experience actually comes from  
  • Why understanding this is helpful, awesome, brilliant, cool, totally rad and other superfluous synonyms when it comes to finding freedom from anxiety, overwhelm and worry  
  • How to see this for yourself 

Plus! Meet Anxious Alice. She’s coming on the ride with us. 


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