Special Guest Interview: Insight

Special Guest Interview: Insight

Hey Insight! I’m totally fangirling right now, I have to say. You kinda changed my life. 


Let’s get started straight away. Who are you and what do you do?

Hi everyone. I’m Insight. I go by other names such as Realisation, Epiphany, Ah-ha Moment, New Perspective and others. I am, to put it simply, ‘fresh thought’. 

Humans experience me when a brand-new thought is felt, or an old thought is felt in a new way. 

What do you mean by that? The ‘old thought in a new way’ thing?

I mean when the words or pictures of a thought have been ‘heard’ or ‘seen’ by a human before  but the meaning is felt in a fresh way. The content is felt intuitively, deeply, with a great knowing. 

Describe the importance of your role. What does Insight do for a human?

I create a more expansive experience for a human. They suddenly see – and not always suddenly, sometimes it’s a gradual thing – the world, their life, themselves or others in a new way. 

I bring a different perspective. Have you heard that well-known phrase about ‘nothing changed but everything is different’? That’s about me! 

How does Insight specifically help?

When you all see things in a different way, problems tend to disappear or look simple to solve. People seem far easier to deal with. Behaviours and habits change. Life feels nicer.

Can you give some examples of Insight?

Here’s the thing – any thought can be an insight if it’s fresh to that person. Which is pretty awesome. It means anyone and everyone can have a completely brand new experience of the world with one little visit from me. 

An Insight isn’t in the ‘words’ or ‘thought’ itself – it’s the new meaning it gives the insight-haver! 

An example of Insight is when someone realises something they thought was true, no longer is. I love those.

You aren’t being very specific.

[laughs] I know! I don’t mean to avoid the question, but repeating the words of an Insight doesn’t show the power of it and I don’t want the humans reading to be like: “Oh, is that it?”

Earlier today, someone had the Insight that they didn’t need to meditate. This could be “yeah, so?” to someone, but to this person in question, it was an enormous realisation. They could let go of a ton of expectation and “should” thinking around this practice which they thought they had to do. It was very cool. 

Are you related to Wisdom? I wanted to get them on the blog too, but are you the same thing?

I don’t want to sound annoying to the readers but …it doesn’t really matter what our NAMES are, and there’s little value – in my opinion – of trying to pin down the names of different experiences or energies and their characteristics. 

To use your words, Siobhán, the ‘good shit’ for the humans is knowing that they have infinite access to Wisdom and Insight, and recognising visits from us, rather than figuring out ‘which is which’. 

I get that, but to make it easier for us humans to understand, what would you say the difference is between you and Wisdom? 

[chuckles] Ok. but please don’t hang on my words, I want the humans to get a feel for us, not try and label us. 

Wisdom and I are both energy, just like everything else.  Generally speaking, humans experience Wisdom as a kind of intuitive knowing – remember, don’t hang on my words! – whereas Insight is a new look, a fresh perspective perhaps. We work closely together. 

Insight is a key part of the work I do with clients around freedom from overthinking, worry, anxiety, overwhelm and living more peaceful lives. Can you tell the humans how you help me with that?

Well, no, sorry!  I can’t really explain it. There’s no process as such. 

But I don’t want to appear unhelpful so let me tell you how it looks to me. 

A person’s problem is only and ever a misunderstanding about how the human experience works. Most notably, the suffering of humans comes from identifying with and believing thoughts that plop in and out of their mind. 

When a person sees for themselves that their thoughts are impersonal, arbitrary, fleeting, inherently meaningless stories, their whole experience changes. 

But it’s no good for you to ‘tell’ them that their ‘thoughts aren’t true’ or ‘thoughts aren’t about you’ and all of that stuff. Your clients, along with everyone, need to see the nature of thought for themselves, through me – Insight. 

You could say I’m your business partner. 

I’ve heard lots of people describe Insights they have had that have changed their life. But how come they don’t affect me? Why do other people’s Insights not work for us?

Insights are completely bespoke and personalised for the individual human! That’s why they are so awesome and transformational and lead to real, lasting change as opposed to a technique. 

We can appreciate other people’s Insights, but just like babies, we love our own in a deep way because they are made ‘from’ us. 

This is very relevant for humans trying to follow a programme or steps in a book and find themselves struggling. All the books and programmes and ‘10 Ways To Do This Thing’ worksheets out there are all the product of other people’s insights! 

That’s why there are a billion diets, a billion ways to run a business, a billion ways to stick to an exercise plan etc – these are all other peoples insights, they aren’t made for YOU. 

So if people out there struggle with following the insights of others via programmes and books, don’t be hard on yourself! They aren’t made for you. 

Ok, well how can someone have their own Insights around a certain area?

The short answer is – look away from the problem! 

Although I visit you humans at any time, you’re more likely to notice my presence when you aren’t focused on the thing you want to see differently. 

This is because you’re likely to have a lot of thinking about the thing in question, which makes it harder for me to make myself heard. 

Let’s take procrastination which is a common one among humans. When someone is very focussed on the ‘problem’ of procrastination, their mind is very full which leaves little room for new, fresh thinking – which is me! 

That person may be experimenting with different productivity tools, monitoring their progress, analysing reasons for procrastination across different projects or times of the day and all that kind of thing. 

I’d suggest putting the ‘problem’ on the backburner, so to speak. They could try giving themselves a month off from ‘fixing’ it, just to see what happens. Once the human stops entangling themselves in the same old ‘must-fix-it’ thoughts about procrastination – or anything else – this leaves some room for me to shine through. 

What would you say to people that have never had an insight?

Everyone has insights all the time. They probably don’t realise what an Insight is. 

An Insight can be very ordinary and very OBVIOUS… so obvious that humans use it as another way of beating themselves up!

A recent example is a wonderful lady I visited who struggled to get ready and leave the house on time in the mornings. But this habit had somehow morphed into a huge story she was telling herself repeatedly about how she was a failure in life. 

Honestly, you humans! 

She had the Insight that she could prepare the coffee maker the night before so that all she had to do in the morning was flick it on, rather than mess around with the grounds while she was still half asleep. 

This was just so obvious to her once she saw it for herself that she felt bad that she hadn’t thought of it before! 

I’m pleased to say she later had another Insight that she didn’t need to feel bad. Then she had heaps of other Insights about how she could make her mornings really easy. 

I want people to know that Insights can be hiding in plain sight! I remember a cool Insight someone had about giving up cigarettes. They were coming across the fact that they had innate capacity for insight and they wanted to see something new around smoking. 

The Insight that changes the game for them was: “ I don’t need an insight to give up cigarettes”

That was an Insight! Hahaha! 

Are there certain activities which are more Insight-friendly?

Generally speaking, any activity which helps a human have a quieter mind is a good thing. This can change from human to human. 

This is where I work well with Wisdom. Wisdom could guide you to go for a walk or water the tomato plants or furiously scrub the oven and I may visit you when your mind settles during that activity. 

I really want the humans to see that it’s not the activity itself which leads to Insight. Some humans create elaborate routines filled with meditation, exercise, deep breathing, journalling and essential oils to encourage Insight. Sure, do those things if you like them. But you don’t need to. 

Your human minds are designed to settle on their own anyway. 

And the ‘best way’ to have a quiet mind is not to try to have a quiet mind! 

What makes it harder for Insight to be noticed?

This is an easy one! Firstly, not realising what an Insight is. As I said before, many people disregard me or brush me off.  

I can be quiet and obvious, or completely blow your mind… or anything in between. 

I absolutely PROMISE all humans that they have the innate capacity for Insight, and they are using it so much more than they realise to navigate life. 

I invite the humans to notice, casually, when they have a little ‘oh yeah’ or ‘of course’ moments this week. 

Secondly, having a lot of thought around the thing in question can make it harder for me to get through, but I still can. Like the procrastination example. Having a lot of thoughts about not having Insights and how hard it is to see Insight will also keep that mind sped up!

It really is a funny paradox but pretty simple once we get a feel for it. 

What’s the best part of your job?

Some people may think it’s when an infamous Insight changes the world, such as Archimedes in the bath or Isaac Newton and the apple falling on his head. 

But for me, I love love love love when people first start noticing that I visit them all the time and I always have done – but they never realised! They have an insight about insight! I just love the way their little faces light up. 

The absolute best bit is when someone has an Insight, or series of Insights as the case often is, around the nature of thought. This is at the heart of the human experience and an Insight around the nature of thought impacts EVERYTHING. 

When someone starts to see that their ‘problems’ are thought-created and that thought is an ever-changing, arbitrary, impersonal energy, it transforms their life. 

And the worst part of your job?

Being dismissed. When I visit some people, they have a cool insight but then dismiss me because they think it doesn’t ‘apply to them’, or it’s ‘too obvious to be true’ 

I find this hilariously ironic because people can be quick to dismiss the ‘good thoughts’ which are FOR them, like Insight and Wisdom, but don’t dismiss the negative thoughts which are nothing to do with them. Oh, you humans! 

It’s not the worst part of my job but an annoying thing is when people have an Insight in the midst of worrying and credit the worry itself for creating the Insight. Insight visits despite a human worrying and ruminating, not because of it. 

Favourite food?


What on earth is enchantment and how do you eat it?

Enchantment is a feeling of great pleasure and attraction; of feeling under a magic spell 

It’s more of a seasoning. I sprinkle it on everything. Give it a go!

Anything else you want to tell the lovely humans?

Yep, something I haven’t mentioned yet. When people are first recognising the power of Insight, and realising that they have Insight all the time, they may feel compelled to capture the Insights and ‘use’ them. They may write them down, try and explain them to others, etc. 

By all means do this if you want. But you really don’t need to. See, the magic of Insight is not in the words.Trying to explain it to yourself and others can take you away from the essence of it. 

One final thing for the humans: Every single one of you has the innate capacity for fresh thought and realisation and once you see that, your world can change. Enjoy this.

Thank you so much for coming on today, Insight. I cannot wait to hang out with you again soon. 

Well Insight is pretty nice, aren’t they? What did you think? If you had a question for Insight that didn’t get answered, let me know here and I will pass it on.