When We Forget How Us Humans Work

When We Forget How Us Humans Work

We are talking about anxiety, worry, stress and overwhelm in a different way around here. You’re not going to find techniques and strategies or any kind of ‘work’ to do, because there is nothing to be done to experience more peace, calm and clarity. 

There’s something to see. And that something is, very simply, how humans work. Which we innocently got all messed up and accidentally built trillion-dollar industries on the misunderstanding that we are fundamentally fucked-up. 

Coming to see how our experience is created and who we really are leads to lasting, effortless change and this happens through a change in your own perspecitve, an uncovering and re-realising your innate design. 

All good so far?

So, around here, we’re exploring the impersonal, arbitrary and ephemeral energy that we call thoughts

We talk about the cool system we have to let us know when we are mistakenly believing those thoughts to be our reality. We call that our feelings

We talk about how we don’t need to rely on our thinking to navigate the world. Good job, really, as relying on thoughts that aren’t ours, thoughts that come and go at a whim, thoughts which are erratic and fickle and change all the time, thoughts which are 77% negative for evolutionary purposes …seems kinda unstable. 

Instead, there’s an incredible intelligence that powers life, and we are part of that. I sometimes call it nature; it’s also known as wisdom, guidance and the infinite creative potential of the universe. The words don’t matter and this energy is living you whether you think it’s hippy bullshit or not.

It’s that energy that changes the seasons, points flowers toward the sun (flowers MOVE! Like, what?), spins the planet, creates a baby from a smattering of a few billion cells and then guides that baby to walk, talk, learn and grow taller than their parents. And a ton of other mind-boggling things. 

(I used to be like: “Pah! That’s not some special universal energy. That’s just biology. Or physics. Or…whatever the other processes are called. What is this new age crap?”  If that’s you, I hear you. But, what the monkeys is biology or physics anyway…what is powering those processes it not some kind of energy…thingamabob? Sit with this, friend)

We talk about how revved-up thinking will always settle on it’s own and we will experience clarity once again. 

Sounds good huh? Pretty simple, this being human thing, isn’t it?

But there’s a little problem

We forget, over and over, that this is how it works. 

Then – worse! – we forget that all we have done is forgotten.

We think life is shit and hard and bleak and WE are shit and don’t even get us started on how shit our bank balance, relationship, appearance, jobs and hopes for the future are. Everything is shit, the world sucks, being human is a bitch and we’re like: “get me some gin, a spliff, a credit card, or a black forest cheesecake right now” (insert your own way of avoiding suffering).

We thought we had seem something in this new paradigm, we thought we’d had some cool insights and shifts, we thought things were looking hopeful and pretty cool. 

But then it’s gone. Poof! 

We’ve just forgotten. We’re in a low mood. That’s all. We’re taking our thinking seriously, that’s all. We’re thinking our feelings are letting us know there’s a problem in the world. That’s all. 

So normal. So human. And – so necessary, as part of this stuff we are exploring.

So what?

The forgetting is part of it. That’s just what happens. Us humans get in a low mood and everything looks terrible. 

Even if we ‘remember’ that all that’s happening is a temporary low mood, we may not believe it. And that’s ok. 

Because you know what happens? You’ll go up and down in mood, in and out of ‘remembering’, round and round in trusting and believing. Over time, the lows won’t matter as much. You’ll have been in and out of them so many times you can’t help but notice how made-up they are, how harmless and arbitrary they are. 

Did you know a baby learns to walk, literally by falling over? Their muscles strengthen when they pull themselves up. They have to fall to learn to walk. This isn’t some positive-vibes-meme-bullshit. This is the way it works. 

If you’re struggling in a low bit, give it time. You’ll pop out of it, and you’ll see fresh. Each time you go in and out of remembering and forgetting, you’re building up your baby leg muscles. 

Give it time. 

P.S. Need a reminder about how humans work? Check out this podcast episode.

P.P.S. if you’re like: “oh not this shit again! I’m ALWAYS feeling like that gin and black forest cheesecake person” then pop me an email and we’ll chat a bit about it.