• Less Overthinking, More Peace: The Recipe

Wanna experience less anxiety, overwhelm, worry, stress, insecurity and overthinking? Do you quite like the sound of traversing this life with more peace, calm, ease and joy?

If so, I have the recipe for that!

I’m not a psychologist, doctor, or researcher (yep, sorry Dad) or even some clever chef. I didn’t create the recipe – it was already created by NATURE.

We’ve been exploring how to have less anxiety and more ease in the Inner Peace & Other Cool Shit podcast and this little booklet, video and micro site will bring it together for you.

Get the recipe booklet, video & link to the micro-site

This recipe booklet, video and micro-site link is your guide to experiencing less worry, anxiety, overwhelm, stress and insecurity (conveniently – for me, anyway – bundled into the word ‘overthinking’).

I’ve gathered all the episodes in one place, divided them into the parts you may find helpful and added a bunch of other resources for you.

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