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I help people find freedom from anxiety, overwhelm, stress and worry so that they can live with more peace, joy, ease, creativity and nice shit like that.

We do this through an exploration of how minds work and where our human experience comes from. We curiously dismantle all the stupid conditioning and misunderstandings that are keeping many of us in misery. We go beyond our habitual thoughts to understand ourselves and the world in a fresh way.

As we evolved, us humans innocently made up that our thoughts really matter and that our bad feelings need to be fixed. This means we spend a ton of time analysing and fixing our thoughts and feelings, when that’s the wrong place to look. It’s much, much simpler than that.

If you’ve tried endless programs with elaborate techniques, tools and exercises you’re still feeling crappy, our explorations will help you see why. You don’t need all that stuff. We’ll just point you towards your true nature and help you see life differently.


Exploring together

I collab with awesome humans to help them see the cool shit that’s on offer when we see our thoughts entirely differently – and stop with all that overthinking, worry and sense of impending doom.

Cool shit like: more peace and calm, getting stuff done without the drama, more joy, having more fun, more lightness, more clarity around what you want in this darn life, and overall being a cool kitty enjoying your time on the planet.

My 1:1 coaching spots are currently full but you can pop your name down here to be notified when more open up.

Interested in group coaching programs and nice things like that? Please complete this very tiny form and you’ll get the details as they are released.

We could be a great match if

You have a sense there’s so much more to this life for you if only you weren’t in your head so much

You’re tired of programs, techniques and elaborate lifestyle plans to try and outrun your overthinking

You deeply feel there’s another way – you just don’t know it

You’re curious when I suggest we ‘look in another direction’

I'm probably not your person if

You want a hard strategy, techniques and accountability (but don’t worry, there are heaps of coaches out there that can help with that)

You ‘know’ what the answer is and you just want a coach to help you implement it

You roll your eyes when I suggest we ‘look in another direction’


If you’re really struggling with anxiety, overthinking, stress and overwhelm but think you can’t afford coaching, fret not.

You can schedule a chat with me online totally free. Head here to pick a time. If you can’t find a time that suits you, send me an email.

Need to speak to someone urgently?  Check out this 24-hour Zoom room filled with cool coaches and colleagues. Free coaching is available to anyone. Do not suffer alone. Are you hearing me? Good.

Group coaching is coming! Can you join us?

I’m planning some group coaching and other cool stuff. If you fancy exploring the way we really work with a few other humans, then I’d love you to join!

Group coaching is fun, cost-effective and enormously impactful as we learn from each other.

Interested? Let me know by popping your name down here and I will be in touch with more info.


  • I was smoking a lot of weed because it felt it was the only thing calming my racing mind. Siobhan helped me change how I saw my thinking and that it didn’t really mean anything. I barely smoke now and I love feeling more at ease

    JamieNew Zealand
  • Jamie

    I started working with Siobhán because I had no confidence at work and dreaded meetings. I can’t believe how different I feel now after seeing my work-thoughts as not MINE, and they didn’t need my attention. You’ll love coaching with Siobhán I promise!

    KatieUnited Kingdom
  • Katie

    I felt I couldn’t cope with work or life after being promoted and reached out to Siobhán for help on Instagram. We chatted for a few months and I still can’t believe the difference. I do more than ever but feel calm and chilled. I’m so glad I tried coaching, it’s changed everything

    Amir USA
  • Amir

    I coached with Siobhán after my anxiety went through the roof in lockdown. I couldn’t concentrate on anything, or tend to my kids. Gradually it melted away until I realised I felt calm most of the time. It’s like I didn’t notice...weird but awesome! Thank you!

    Natasha United Kingdom
  • Freedom from overthinking & agonising

    Your racing mind, those constant “what if?” scenarios and ruminating over every darn thing fades away

  • Inner peace is an actual thing

    Under all that noise of your incessant mind chatter, you feel more peace, contentment, joy and clarity. Yep

  • Do cool shit with your one short life

    To your astonishment, stuff is getting done with ease and your creativity is flowing

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