Episode 41: “We Are Not Our Thinking” with Gabi Fisher

Episode 41: “We Are Not Our Thinking” with Gabi Fisher

I can’t wait to share a heartfelt, hopeful and open conversation with Gabi Fisher in this episode.

Gabi is a wife,  full-time mother to her one-year-old daughter, and part-time teacher and coach. She shares the spiritual paradigm of mental health and well-being that transformed her life from depressed and anxious to happy and thriving. 

She’s a warm, kind, funny and smart human and I loved hanging out with her!

Please join us to explore:  

  • Gabi’s story around depression, anxiety and religion 
  • How understanding the nature of thoughts and feelings impacts our relationships
  • What is a deep feeling and how can we connect with it?
  • Why tools, strategies and techniques can get in the way of our freedom of mind
  • What innate health means, and how we each have it
  • …and lots of laughs, stories, wisdom and a ride to Costa Rica on a magic carpet

Gabi is a beautiful writer and you can read her blog on her website or follow her on Instagram here. 

People or things mentioned in the show: 

Dr Amy Johnson

The Little Book of Big Change

Angus Ross

Beyond Beliefs book by Linda Quiring  

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Thanks for hanging out with us today!