Episode 61: ‘The Limitless Potential that Lies Beyond Our Habitual Thinking’ with Sarah Armitage and Michelle McCartan

Episode 61: ‘The Limitless Potential that Lies Beyond Our Habitual Thinking’ with Sarah Armitage and Michelle McCartan

It was an honour to have Sarah Armitage and Michelle McCartan as my special guests on the Inner Peace & Other Cool Shit podcast.

Both Sarah and Michelle are masterful coaches and facilitators with their own practices working with leaders and organisations. In 2023 they came together to create Pure Potential, a unique offering designed to explore the limitless potential of humans through a shared developmental experience.

Sarah and Michelle have a special synergy and I love knowing there are people like these two in the world.

Please join us to explore:  

  • The principles behind the work Sarah and Michelle do with leaders and organisations, and why their approach is particularly impactful
  • The implications of these principles when it comes to realising our own experience of peace, ease and flow 
  • How to manage the ubiquity of labels and concepts in life
  •  Recognising the innate intelligence we all share
  • The power of ‘obviousness’ when it comes to being guided in life
  • How some of these ideas might help communities, and why that even matters
  • Where one might start exploring these ideas
  • …and so, so much more

Sarah and Michelle also make me both laugh with delight and splutter with shocked speechlessness with their clear and simple wisdom, and eloquent descriptions and reflections. They also offer an insightful and thoughtful response to a listener’s question about a debilitating workplace culture.

More about my guests:

Michelle McCartan is a Leadership and Peak Performance Coach and Consultant who combines her expertise in organisational strategy, human potential and coaching to guide organisations, teams, communities and individuals to access their full potential and thrive.

Sarah Armitage is an experienced coach and facilitator of cultural change who combines qualifications and experience in strategic Human Resources, psychology, organisational development, and system leadership. With over 20 years of coaching and facilitation experience and a clear grounding in how the mind works, she’s committed to helping people and teams wake up to their full potential and enjoy what they do.

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