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If you’re on another feverish hunt around the internet looking for the thing you need to do to stop living in constant worry, overthinking, anxiety and overwhelm…then stop and hang out for a minute.

I can help you.

If life feels hard, or like you’re ‘stuck’, or missing something, or something is wrong but you don’t know what it is, or everyone else is doing just fine but you’re not and you don’t know why…phew! I get that. 

I help humans like you find freedom from your busy mind, racing thoughts and existential angst so that you can live with more peace and ease. Then, when life just feels nicer and simpler, you’re able to get on with all the cool shit you want to do while on the planet without the brain-drama. 

We do this by exploring the nature of humans; how we are made, how our minds work and where our human experience comes from. 

This isn’t another strategy that a coach made up or a new technique to try and control your life. I bet you’re sick of those.

No. Instead, we are taking a fresh look at why you think and feel the way you do, and what’s beyond that when you can understand it insightfully. 

You can come to trust yourself and feel peace, clarity and ease – rather than feel you’re being dragged around by your habitual thoughts and crappy feelings.  

Hi, I’m Siobhán


If you’re exhausted from living in a swirl of anxiety, overthinking, stress, overwhelm, insecurity, worry, doubt and all the things….I get it. It was the same for me for a LONG time and it sucked.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just get on with stuff without overthinking every darn thing, second-guessing yourself, worrying about an unknowable future and being free from paranoia, insecurity and overwhelm?


I help lovely humans transform their relationship with their frenzied thoughts and feelings so that they can live with more peace and ease.

You want some help? Check out the blog, the Inner Peace and Other Cool Shit podcast or get The Recipe For Less Overthinking & More Peace.

Want to chat? Hit the button below.

You’re not alone, my friend.

  • Freedom from overthinking & agonising

    Your racing mind, those constant “what if?” scenarios and ruminating over every darn thing fades away

  • Inner peace is an actual thing

    Under all that noise of your incessant mind chatter, you feel more peace, contentment, joy and clarity. Yep

  • Do cool shit with your one short life

    To your astonishment, stuff is getting done with ease and your creativity is flowing


  • I was smoking a lot of weed because it felt it was the only thing calming my racing mind. Siobhan helped me change how I saw my thinking and that it didn’t really mean anything. I barely smoke now and I love feeling more at ease

    JamieNew Zealand
  • Jamie

    I started working with Siobhán because I had no confidence at work and dreaded meetings. I can’t believe how different I feel now after seeing my work-thoughts as not MINE, and they didn’t need my attention. You’ll love coaching with Siobhán I promise!

    KatieUnited Kingdom
  • Katie

    I felt I couldn’t cope with work or life after being promoted and reached out to Siobhán for help on Instagram. We chatted for a few months and I still can’t believe the difference. I do more than ever but feel calm and chilled. I’m so glad I tried coaching, it’s changed everything

    Amir USA
  • Amir

    I coached with Siobhán after my anxiety went through the roof in lockdown. I couldn’t concentrate on anything, or tend to my kids. Gradually it melted away until I realised I felt calm most of the time. It’s like I didn’t notice...weird but awesome! Thank you!

    Natasha United Kingdom

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